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August 2022 | In Review

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

I did do this review at the appropriate time, but I accidentally ended up deleting it so here I am months after the fact trying to remember how this reading month was. Going by the amount I read and the titles, I do know that this was the month I participated in Magical Readathon Orilium: Autumn Equinox. I've been following this readathon by Book Roast for a few years now, and I wasn't going to miss this one. What I like about this, aside from the readathon in general, is that it allows me to read a ton of books.

Onto the statistics!


I read 11 books, 13 volumes of manga, 4 manhwas, and 1 graphic novel for a grand total of 29 titles and 9,965 pages.

If you want to check out my reviews, click on the pink links! Reviews for titles not linked can be found on my Goodreads page. Now, here are all the titles I read this month:


I did end up having 2 DNFs this month, both of them being manhwas. Positively Yours did not have a good story set-up and I didn't get why this was a popular series. The same goes for Love Shuttle in addition to that having an art style that I couldn't really get into.








I did end up condensing the manga I read to one rating per series, but overall I would say that my reading month was all over the board in terms of quality. There were some gems, some flops, a lot of in-between, but nothing out of this world. I had no one-star reads, thankfully I guess, but I still wish I still had a better month anyway.



Fantasy - 11

Sci-fi - 1

Mystery Thriller -1

Mystery - 2

Fiction - 1

Historical Fiction - 1

A pretty good spread of genres this month, with a lot of the manga being mostly fantasy but also delving into other genres as well. Definitely, a lot more romance than I expected though since that is very hit or miss for me.


Best of the Month - Who Made Me a Princess and Jujutsu Kaisen

Worst of the Month - New Moon and The Poison Season

Most Surprising - Legends & Lattes

Most Disappointing - Upgrade


I couldn't just pick one for some of these categories because, well, I feel pretty strongly about them. I had a great time reading Who Made Me a Princess, and Jujutsu Kaisen still managed to be a wild ride despite me spoiling pretty much everything beforehand.

Worst of the month without a doubt goes to New Moon because that book is god awful, and I put The Poison Season in there as well because it didn't do anything for me.

Most surprising would be Legends & Lattes because I was still surprised I enjoyed it even though I knew how well-received it was.

Finally, most disappointing goes to Upgrade, because Black Crouch let me down with this very action-forward story.

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