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Who Made Me a Princess: Season 3 | Review

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐.25

"The beautiful Athanasia was killed at the hands of her own biological father, Claude de Alger Obelia, the cold-blooded emperor! It’s just a silly bedtime story… until one woman wakes up to suddenly find she’s become that unfortunate princess! She needs a plan to survive her doomed fate, and time is running out.

Will she go with Plan A, live as quietly as possible without being noticed by the infamous emperor? Plan B, collect enough money to escape the palace? Or will she be stuck with Plan C, sweet-talking her way into her father’s good graces?!"


Who Made Me a Princess is a manhwa by Spoon based on the original novel by Plutus. Season 3 consists of chapters 82-125.

After Season 2 ended off in a bit of a weird spot, Season 3 picks up where it left off as it makes its way toward the conclusion of the series.

Looking back on the entire series, I think that this season did a good job, for the most part, at wrapping up all its loose ends and culminating in a (mostly) satisfying ending.

Let's get into the details.



Since this is the final season, this focused more on head-on conflict as issues were starting to ramp up. The flow of events was done relatively well. There were instances though that made the story feel a bit stilted because the reader knew more information than the characters. The build-up of tension was also done well almost all the way up until the end, and I say almost because the conflict was resolved too quickly.

By the end of the series, I did end up wanting more from it in terms of interactions between the character now that everything has settled down. There were also answers to plot points that just weren't given which wasn't very satisfying. There are some side stories yet to come out though, so hopefully those answer some of those questions. I would just look up the novel but the author stated that they had to diverge from the source material after Season 1.


We got some very last-minute context at the end of the season. We learned more about the world tree and what happens in the afterlife, and we also got a mention of another empire. That being said, it would have been nice to get this information earlier on when the world tree was first mentioned.

And, again, on the whole I would have liked more world-building in terms of fine tuning the small details regarding the empire and its culture.


As this is the final season, you do get to see how much Athy had matured since the beginning (even though she is already an adult). That being said though, she still remained pretty clueless when it came to observing her surroundings and other people. Events later on though still showed how capable she can be.

Jennette, unfortunately, more or less remained the naive and easily manipulated girl she has been the entire time which was frustrating. I get that she is innocent, but she is so oblivious to what is going on around her that I didn't really care about whether or not she was gonna get hit in the crossfire.

I think what her character ended up coming down to can be summed up with a quote from Perks of Being a Wallflower - "we accept the love we think we deserve." She has been isolated her entire love with only Ijekiel and Duke Alpheus for company for the most part. Not used to interacting with a lot of people, it does make sense that she trusts people too easily and latched onto them because of her longing for a blood family.

One thing I am sad about is the fact that Claude has been more or less incapacitated for a while now. I liked his character, so it was a bit of a letdown that his role in the story ended up being reduced for the sake of Athy's character progression (even though she was the main character).


So, what did I think of this series? I didn't know how I was going to feel about it going into it because, from what I have seen, most reincarnation/isekai manhw follow the same formula. Fortunately, although this wasn't a run out of the park, I did enjoy myself relatively well. I came to care for the characters and got invested in their stories, which was enough for me.

Now, I am going to get into some spoilery thoughts, so if you don't want any spoilers you can stop reading now.










I kind of just want Anastacius to give up and just form a bond with Jennette.

I mean, yeah, that was a bit mean just telling Jennette to leave.

Did Athy just completely forget about Jennette?

  • She said that there should be no problem being a proxy because she is the only heir

  • But Jennette could still be in play and the reader knows that Anastacius is still alive too

Jennette saying that she got along with Ijekiel like family...then why did you assume you were marrying the guy??

Good lord Jennette, this guy is blatantly lying to your face and she fully believes him thinking that he must not be a tyrant after all...even though there is a very good reason people called him that.

Lucas though.

  • Ehh, maybe your dream of everything burning is just a dream, but if it is then that would mean you would be dead

  • And if you die then I'd probably kill everyone and burn the empire to the ground...huh

Oh, the mom was watching over them the entire time.

  • Kinda sad we didn't really get to meet her

Aww, Felix hugged Claude and cried when he woke up.

Jennette finally realized how ignorant she the very end where it didn't matter anymore.

Athy: we both grew up without our fathers

Meanwhile Claude: standing right beside her staring at her

Jennette: are you crying?

Anastacius: who says I'm crying?!

Aww, Claude grinned at his brother.

Both of them are like wow, having a daughter makes them do embarrassing things lol.

And now Claude is full-on laughing, what a moment.

Claude ain't ready for her to date lol.

  • I do agree though not only because she really needs to sit down and get to know them better

He got so happy that she said she wouldn't date if it made him sad to be alone lol.

  • Also him being satisfied by the expressions Lucas and Ijekiel made when she said that doesn't tell us who she gets married to...really?

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