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Magical Readathon Orilium: Autumn Equinox

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

I have been eagerly awaiting August as I knew this readathon was going to be happening. This readathon being the Magical Readathon which is hosted by Book Roast! I have participated in Orilium since the beginning, and I wasn't going to miss out on this semester.

If you are unaware, the Magical Readathon is a readathon where you have the choice to build a character, pick a career path, and do optional side quests. Each of these requires you to complete a series of prompts and a given book of your choosing.

The readathon takes place during August for the entirety of the month, so there is plenty of time to read a ton of books (hopefully). If you are curious about participating, you can watch the announcement video here.


Last semester, we only had to read one book per subject. That was last semester though, as for this semester we need a specific grade in order to be qualified for my chosen job. It is a stacked system, so some subjects will require you to read several books in order to qualify.

In order to do so, for my chosen profession, I have to read a grand total of 7 books, which is entirely doable. I may have a small issue though seeing as there are optional quests you can do I have more than 7 to read.

Onto the books I am planning on reading!


Elemental Studies (O) - Element of Water

Prompt: start a book with a drink

Book: New Moon

Completed: 14/08/22

Inscription (O) - Glyph: Recollection

Prompt: a childhood favourite

Book: Twilight

Completed: 3/08/22

Inscription (Q) - Inking Techniques

Prompt: read a graphic novel/comic/manga

Book: The Prince and the Dressmmaker

Completed: 7-08-22

Inscription (D) - Stilling the Mind

Prompt: cozy read

Book: Legends & Lattes

Completed: 24/08/22

Lore (O) - Aeldia's Regional Anthropology

Prompt: a book that has colours similar to your countries flag

Book: The Red Palace

Completed: 8-08-2022

Lore (Q) - Myth of Syldoris

Prompt: story featuring a betrayal

Book: The Venetian Betrayal

Completed: 12/08/2022

Restoration (O) - Object Restoration

Prompt: a single object as the focus of the cover

Book: Brimstone

Completed: 6-08-22


So far, I have collected 90 points, which means I am still an assistant and have not yet been promoted to revered. That is fine though, because this time around, there is a fun little quest board just waiting to be filled with a bunch of quests.


Courier Needed

Prompt: book with a movie adaptation

Book: Eclipse

Completed: 16-08-22

Reward: 10 points

Study Buddy Required

Prompt: book with morally grey characters

Book: The Other Family

Completed: 2/08/2022

Reward: 10 points

Paid Animal Therapy?

Prompt: more than one animal on the cover or title

Book: Hollow

Completed: DNF

Reward: 10 points

The AWW Needs You!

Prompt: book featuring undead characters

Book: Breaking Dawn

Completed: 17-08-2022

Reward: 10 points

Potion Testing

Prompt: book with potions/poison

Book: The Poison Season


Reward: 10 points

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