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Magical Readathon: Orilium - The Novice Path

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Booktuber Book Roast is back with a brand new re-vamped Magical Readathon, and I am so ready for it. Book Roast does an absolute immaculate job at creating an in-depth and complex readathon. Not only did she make printouts that are designed really well, but she also created an entire new world and backstory to base the readathon around. That is some serious dedication right there.

For the whole month of September, we begin our journey to Orilium, a magical place in the world of Aeldia. For the initial run, we are following the Novice Path in order to introduce and integrate ourselves into the new world.

On this journey, there are a total of 7 prompts, but only 2 need to be completed. Let's get real though, I am going to try and do all of them because I have no self-restraint. There are no doubling up so that means I have to read 7 books...easy enough (hopefully). You also have the option to start creating your character, though it is not mandatory that you do it for this time around. If I have some extra time I might consider doing it.

Without further ado, here are all the prompts for The Magical Readathon: Orilium - The Novice Path and all the books I am planning to read. I will be updating this post as the month goes on and as I read the books.

Here we go!


Credit to Book Roast

The Novice Path

Prompt: read a book with a map

Book: The Un-Discovered Islands

Complete: 30/9/21

Ashthorn Tree

Prompt: read a book that keeps tempting you

Book: Vespertine

Complete: 27/9/21

The Mist of Solitude

Prompt: read a standalone

Book: House of Hollow

Completed: 3/9/21

Ruin of the Skye

Prompt: read a book that features any kind of paranormal/supernatural

Book: Keeper of the Night

Complete: 19/9/21

Obsidian Falls

Prompt: read a thriller or mystery

Book: The Lighthouse Witches

Complete: 7/9/21

Tower of Rumination

Prompt: read a 5-star prediction

Book: Under the Whispering Door

Complete: 11/9/21

Orilium Arc

Prompt: read a book with a school setting

Book: Tokyo Revengers Vol.1

Complete: 25/9/21


Scholar's Key

Name -

Guild - House of the Arcane

Calling -

Certification - Novice

Background - Wildling

Prompt: read a book largely set in a forest/outside

Book: Searching for Dragons


Place - Darkmeadow

Prompt: read a dark academia

Book: A Lesson in Vengeance


Heritage - Iltirian

Prompt: read a book with a crow on the cover/title or a book with a red cover

Book: The Ninth Rain



If you're curious about the readathon and want to know more about it, you can check out the announcement video below.

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