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Orilium: Gear Up | Mini Magical Readathon

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Thankfully, I happened to catch that this was happening, otherwise, I would have missed it...But I didn't so here I am. The Magical Readathon is a readathon hosted by Book Roast that started, in its new iteration, last year.

This is taking place March 14-20, and the purpose of this mini- challenge is to complete more of your character sheet and simply have a buffer in between the two full readathons. Due to my choices in the previous readathon, I am a member of the House of the Arcane, and therefore I will be fulfilling the prompts that fall under that guild.

Any images referring to the readathon are, of course, credited to Book Roast.


Conduit - Sword ✔

Prompt: read a book with a blade on the cover

Book: In The Shadow of the Throne

Completed: 19/03/22

Legacy - Pocket Dimension

Prompt: read an ebook

Book: House of Sky and Breath

Completed: 17/03/22

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