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November 2021 in Review

My only goal for this month was to read The Great Hunt in time for the premiere of The Wheel of Time. A month later and having already started watching the show...that didn't happen. In fact, I read not one single book this month. Instead, this month for me was an exploration of the world of BL.

I have delved into it before, with not much success, but I seemed to have hit the right stride as I had a ton of good reads this month. I also had a lot of reads though that I didn't think were important enough to include in my count or I DNFed right away. Besides what I DNFed though, I didn't have a single read below three stars which is amazing.

Here we go!


I read a grand total of 6 manhwa and 13 volumes of manga this month for a grand total of 19. I did also start 3 series but didn't add them to my total as I am still technically reading them as they are ongoing. Those series are:

  • Painter of the Night by Byeonduck

  • Dear.Door by Pluto

  • The Boy & The Wolf by Z.Pico

Here are all the books I read. To check out my reviews, you can click on the pink links!







Best of the Month - Painter of the Night

Worst of the Month - My Purrfect Boss!

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