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My Purrfect Boss!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐

"Sunwoo is thrilled to be starting his new job! Full of energy and enthusiasm, he’s eager to please Manager Kang. The problem is, he keeps making dumb mistakes and getting in trouble. Things come to a head one night after work when he pours soju all over his boss. Typical! But hang on… Why is Manager Kang blushing like that? And what are those cat ears sprouting from his head?! After discovering his boss’ secret, it isn’t long before Sunwoo has him purring with pleasure."


My Purrfect Boss! is a BL manhwa written and illustrated by Cuke Soap. You can read it here on Lezhin, but keep in mind that only the first episode is free. Please note that any images used in this review belong to Cuke Soap.

I felt rather meh while reading this, not having very many strong feelings about it.

Now, let's get into the details.



I don't have much to say about the style of the story really. While it wasn't the most impressive art I have ever seen, not that it has to be, it was pretty good. The formatting was rather standard with a lot of white space and floating bordered panels, but there were some added elements that I liked. For example, as can be seen below, I thought it was a fun effect to turn the text bubble into an arrow.


I want to first say that this is a boss/employee relationship, so if that kind of power imbalance bothers you then this story may not be for you. Although, the dynamic is kind of switched around a bit as the employee has a more dominant role rather than the boss. Also note that, if you couldn't tell by the summary, this includes a lot of smut. It is censored, via what people like to call 'lightsabers', but you might want to stay away if any sexual content bothers you.

Now, moving straight along, we follow Lee Sunwoo and Kang Leo as they get to know each other after Sunwoo accidentally discovers that his boss, Leo, isn't exactly human. As I said in the introduction, I wasn't getting too much out of it, especially things that were on the more positive side. But, I might as well start with the positives first.

One thing I liked about this world is that it was a bit more technical than your average story featuring characters with animal attributes. Rather than being called 'hybrids', as you can often find, they are called anthromorphs. I feel like that may be due to the fact that they can switch between showing their more prominent animal features rather than then being there all the time. Due to that, it allowed for a lot of rather humorous moments with Leo's ears suddenly popping out whenever he got flustered.

Something else I was thankful for was that Sunwoo and Leo had a healthy relationship (which is surprisingly hard to find), for the most part. There was a bit of a questionable scene involving half-drunk sex, but other than that and some severe lack of communication at points, it was steady going. I couldn't have it all though, as this story does a former abusive relationship between Leo and his ex, so heed any trigger warnings before going in.

The abusive relationship was something that I could have done without entirely. I felt like it was unnecessary to add that kind of drama to the story, and I would have preferred to just read about Sunwoo and Leo's relationship development. I also felt like that storyline wasn't fully resolved as we didn't really get a concrete resolution and didn't fully get to see the aftermath and the effect it had and Leo.


If you like hybrid stories, you might like this as well. As I said though, please heed to content and trigger warnings as this includes NSFW imagery (though it is censored), and depictions/mentions of abuse.

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