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What's Outside Matters | Bookish Pet Peeves Part I

I know that when people usually do this kind of post/video, they talk about pet peeves in terms of the physical book. As someone who reads ebooks and listens to audiobooks pretty much exclusively, I didn't think that I would have much to say. The more I thought about it though, the more pet peeves came to mind when it came to books I own and have read before.

What bothers you when it comes to books? Do you have the same issues as I do or are you are you not easily bothered?

Here we go!



Oftentimes books have a blurb on the front of an author giving praise for the book as a marketing ploy. I am a bit divided about this one because it can go either way. If authors who you like sing praises for it, then the odds of you picking up the book increase. On the other hand, if it is a blurb from an author whose work you have previously disliked, then it decreases the chances.


Pretty much every book that has a movie/TV adaptation is guilty of it. In order to create some buzz, the book is re-released with a new cover featuring the movie character(s). I get the marketing ploy, but an artist went through all the trouble to design the original book cover, only for it to be mass produced with a different one. I like to appreciate a good book cover and really don't need to see the actors on the front.


Does anybody really like this, when you're reading your book and realize at the end that everything was already revealed in the synopsis? It's like when a movie trailer clips together all the best and pivotal scenes in the movie, as it becomes redundant to actually watch the full movie. All we need is a clear summary of the plot to entice us, not to give away the key aspects of the book.


I get that a lot of authors may be against issuing trigger warnings for many reasons including spoilers, but I find it a must for the reader. I am not someone who is easily triggered by anything in particular, but I do have things in books that I don't particularly like to read about, and warnings give me a sense of what I am getting myself into.

It is especially crucial for anyone who could actually be triggered by something in a book, and it is up to the author to let their readers know regardless of their reasons not to.


I know that there are a lot of people out there who think that their preferred genre is superior to all or that certain genres shouldn't be read past a certain age. As someone who loves watching anime and playing video games, which are "for kids", it comes to no surprise that people would look down upon the fact that I liked reading fantasy and graphic novels/manga as well. I also like to dabble in Middle Grade and even children's picture books even though I don't belong to that demographic.

It really isn't that hard to read what you want to read. I won't judge you for what you read so there is no point to judge others as well.


Nothing against libraries, they are a gift to mankind, but sometimes you get a library book and cry a bit inside. That could be because a previous loaner scribbled all over it or because the library put a sticker in a less than ideal place. I can ignore the sticker since I am someone who usually takes off the dust jacket (if it is a hardback), but to whomever had the audacity to write on a book they don't own should be banned (not actually but you can get my frustration here).


You know when you get a book and the protective film that makes the cover all shiny and glassy starts peeling? Yeah, that is not ideal. I get the appeal of doing it, but when you are holding a book that has little pieces fraying off the sides, it's not a good feeling. You want to rip it off but you could end up damaging the book so you're stuck with it.

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