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2024 In's and Out's

A video by sydneyyybooks popped up on my for you page on TikTok and I thought it was a good way to condense some of the loose reading goals I have for 2024. While in the past I had a more comprehensive list, I find that I don't really accomplish much since my reading is all over the place. This though I feel is pretty doable.

Let's get into it.






I didn't have the best reading year last year due to my lack of reading in the latter half of the year. That is why this year I just need to read. Period. I will try my best to not fall into any hyperfixations that will distract me promises.


I think I have found that I rather like horror books, and I don't read nearly enough. Luckily for me, thanks to TikTok, I now have a bunch on my TBR so hopefully, I can sprinkle them throughout my reading year.

Pile of Shame (as Dubbed by BookswithEmilyFox)

Whether they are ARCs I never go around to reading or they are books from my previous years must-read books, I have a bit of a pile of shame. I have an issue with not reading all the books I meant to get to in a given year, and now I have a bit of a backlist building up that I need to get to.


I do get to a good amount of manga/manhwa/webtoons throughout the year, but I want to get through more. These kinds of series really work for me, and I have way more luck when it comes to enjoying them compared to books. With books, finding I book I really enjoyed is few and far between. With anything of a graphic medium, odds are I am going to enjoy it on some level at the least.


When I do like a book, and I mean really like it, I have a hard time giving it a rating above 4.5. I don't know why, but there must be this particular feeling it gives me in order to give it a full rating. I'm hoping I am a little more lax this year with my rating but, probably not.




Middle Grade

Despite the fact that I do have one middle-grade series on my TBR, I think I am done with this demographic. It is clearly not for me, and maybe even YA is starting to push it, but with MG I can't really stand it because in no way do I connect with 12-year-olds.


I start a lot of series, and DNF a bunch as well, but I don't really finish many. Granted, a good amount of them are ongoing, but I would like to finish the completed series I started this year. I will also no doubt be starting a bunch more so...we'll see how this goes.

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