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The Most Unique Books I Have Read (So Far)

Most books tend to stay rather formulaic in terms of format and plot. Not to say that each book is not unique in their own way, but they usually don't go too far off the beaten path. I have read some books though that break out of that formula either by utilizing multimedia or by formatting the story in an unusual way, and in this post I am going to talk about them.

This prompt was originally a Top Ten Tuesday post by The Broke and The Bookish.

Here we go!



While I probably won't continue the series and feel a bit off even mentioning the book now due to the problematic author, I won't deny that this was a unique reading experience. Not only is it unique with varying formats such as email correspondences and video logs, but it is recommended that you read and listen to the audiobook at the same time. I have never done that before and it definitely made the experience better.

The Seventh Perfection

While this story may not have worked for me, I can't deny that it did something different. The story is not told through the perspective of the main character, but through the people that they interact with. You do not get a single line of dialogue from them and only get the responses of other characters. An intriguing concept, but just not one that paid off in my opinion. If you are looking for something a bit different though, I would suggest trying this out as it is not very long.

House of Leaves

This is one of the most infamous books in terms of unique plots and formats. Texts that goes in different directions and the unsettling discovery of a house that is bigger on the inside may seem like a risk, but having to turn your book in different directions is so worth it. I read this years ago and really need to take another stab at it. I may feel a bit different about having to pivot my laptop though...

The Starless Sea

This was a book that didn't work for everyone, but I rather enjoyed it. The plot is definitely what I would call unique as it is very whimsical and lyrical. Going into it expect something completely different from her other novel, The Night Circus, and something more along the lines of Strange the Dreamer but a bit more mature.


Pretty much anything by Blake Crouch can qualify for this list. His plots are simply mind-bending and that's all I have to really say.

Girl, 11

The last entry on this list is a book that I am actually currently listening to on audiobook. This book is a recent release that has a multimedia format. It is part podcast, part interview style, and part normal dialogue. This works well especially as an audiobook with a full cast. If you are a fan of true crime podcasts, then this might be right up your alley.

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