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Spring Fling-O-Ween | Readathon

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Horror books may be best consumed during October, but I am always in the mood for a good spooky book, and what better time to pick some up than for a readathon.

gabbyreads and oliviareadsalatte have hosted a few Halloween-themed readathons over the past year, and I have participated in only one of them (I think). Not for lack of interest, but I always seem to not realize they were happening and ended up missing them.

Nonetheless, I managed to catch this one, so here I am! This time around, the readathon is called Spring Fling-O-Ween, and it is a rather short one as it is only a four-day-long readathon, April 27-30th, and has only two reading prompts. Since I am already participating in three readathons this month, I think that this is the perfect one to tack on since it isn't very demanding.

If you are thinking of participating yourself, here is Gabby's announcement video.

Onto the books!


Prompt #1

Prompt: read a book with a pink or yellow cover

Book: Just Like Home

Completed: 28-Apr-2022

Prompt #2

Prompt: read a backlist thriller or horror book

Book: Nothing But Blackened Teeth

Completed: 29-Apr-2022

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