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Solo Leveling: Retesting Rank Arc | Review

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Upon obtaining two of the three ingredients he needs to craft the Holy Water of Life, Jinwoo returns to the human world to get his rank re-evaluated."


The Retesting Rank Arc is the 10th arc in Solo Leveling, a webtoon adapted from the web novel by Chugong, with art by DUBU (REDICE STUDIO) and story by h-goon. This arc consists of chapters 61-64 of the webtoon.

After a couple of longer arcs, we now have a smaller one, but one that was still enjoyable nonetheless. This is going to be a bit of a shorter review since they isn't as much to go over.

Let's get into the details.



We pick up where we left off after the last arc, with Jinwoo still making his way up the floors of the Demon Castle. As the synopsis says though, once he got two of the three items required to craft the Holy Water of Life, he ended up leaving the dungeon in order to get his rank re-evaluated.

While I don't have much to note about this arc, the one thing I wanted to talk about was how this arc represents a bit of a shift in the story, as well as with Jinwoo's character. Up until now, Jinwoo has been trying his best (and kind of failing) to keep his new abilities under wraps. With him retesting his rank now though, his status as Korea's 10th S-rank hunter would be global news, and all eyes are now firmly planted on him.


I liked the introduction of pairable items, that can be combined to make a powerful set. Another new feature is being able to craft items. Two details that might seem small, but are essential for a system based on video games.

We also learn a bit more about guilds, specifically the smaller ones, as well as which one make up the top 5.


I don't have to talk about regarding Jinwoo, since he is as strong as ever. The artist did end up darkening his undercut, or it just rapidly grew in, which was appreciated. I also like how he doesn't care about interacting with the other S-ranks or joining their guilds.

By now though, we are slowly being introduced to more and more S-rank hunters, and the guilds they are a part of, as well as even the chairman of the Hunter's Association. We are also properly introduced to Jinwoo's mother, though I feel like it is a little bit late in the game to do so.


Although there wasn't a setup for the next arc, this did end at a good place.

Now, time for some spoiler thoughts. If you don't want to be spoiled, you can stop reading here.











Damn, scruffy man destroyed Dongsoo.

  • The man had it coming, cause that's what you get when you threaten someone's family

I wonder what the guilds insurance policies are like.

  • Like if you become a hunter, I assume you have to sign something that states no one can sue the guild should they die because it is an occupational hazard?

Alright, don't know how to feel about the master of the Hunters guild.

  • He is good looking, but he kind of gives be Aizen vibes...

The job of the surveillance team is to keep an eye on hunters and punish those who break the law...except S-ranks apparently cause they can do whatever they want cause they're too strong.

You always need an overpowered old man, and this series has Go Gunhee.

  • He does not look 8o though, maybe 60 at most

Ain't that the truth, hunters are equally as monstrous as the beasts.

Dongsoo is barking up the wrong tree, though that isn't a surprise.

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