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Solo Leveling: Demon Castle Arc | Review

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Jinwoo ventures to the Demon Castle, a S-Rank instant dungeon created by the System. While there, he discovers a recipe for the Holy Water of Life, a potion that can potentially cure his terminally ill mother."


The Demon Castle Arc is the 9th arc in Solo Leveling, a webtoon adapted from the web novel by Chugong, with art by DUBU (REDICE STUDIO) and story by h-goon. This arc consists of chapters 56-61 of the webtoon.

The Demon Castle, 100 floors of demons, and 100 floors of fighting The Rad: Redemption style.

Let's get into the details.



Despite the title and synopsis of the arc, we are thrown straight into one of Jinwoo and Jinho's raids. After jumping around a bit to introduce another new mysterious character, Jinwoo makes his way back to the castle that Cerberus guarded. I really like how Jinwoo, and the author, didn't abandon the dungeons that he previously visited but couldn't complete but he wasn't yet strong enough.

This arc, while the focus was on Jinwoo in the dungeon, really focused on not only expanding the world but setting up what is to come in the future. Otherwise though, yes, it was a pretty action focused arc.


Like the Job Change arc, this dungeon features a different kind of quest in the form of collecting souls which was a nice way to mix up the action scenes a bit. The world of hunting is also starting the expand as we move to America, and have mentions of Japan as well.

One final detail I wanted to mention that I liked is that, as his level increases, so does the amount of points required to level up does as well. This helps to slow down his progression just a tiny bit.


I have nothing to add in this section, since there wasn't much development character wise, and the only hints at new characters we got was the promise of more hunters from America and Japan are going to be introduced in the future.


The arc does end up getting cut off in the middle of the story but will continue on in the next one. The abrupt end though makes sense since the webtoon is continuous until the season ends.











Aww, look at Jinwoo's little smile.

We are suddenly in America, with a scruffy guy who looks like a combination of Aizawa and Yami.

  • If their voice actor doesn't voice him in the anime I am going to be disappointed.

I haven't had Korean BBQ in years now and I am sad.

Aww you cinnamon roll, Jinho saying that Jinwoo is more of an elder brother to him than his actual one.

  • I am here for the brotherly interactions between the two

It is starting to get distracting how pretty Jinwoo is.

His little excited face is adorable.

There is a bag with a McDonald's logo on it..?

  • Korea really censors brands, so are they sponsored or something?

So I did not realize that scruffy man was in fact, Jinwoo's dad.

  • Last names or common so the fact that his name was Sung Ilhwan did not alert me

You can tell where Jinwoo got his looks from though...

The leader of the lower floor's belly looks like a tomato.

Scruffy man has been stuck in a dungeon for 10 years, and he clearly knows something.

  • He said that a powerful force beyond the gates and beasts awoke that can bring destruction

  • Bit of a bummer it is probably your own son...

I really, really hope that they didn't bring the dad in to kill him off to advance Jinwoo's story.

  • Though he looks like he is gonna be real strong

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