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Solo Leveling: International Guild Conference Arc | Review

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Jinwoo is invited to America to represent Korea at the prestigious International Guild Conference. Meanwhile, an ancient evil known as the Monarchs initiate their rematch with the Rulers, their mortal enemies, in the human world by first killing off Christopher Reed, one of the seven Rulers' vessels."


The International Guild Conference Arc is the 18th arc in Solo Leveling, a webtoon adapted from the web novel by Chugong, with art by DUBU (REDICE STUDIO) and story by h-goon. This arc consists of chapters 140-149 of the webtoon.

After the events of the last arc, we now have all the answers we need in order to head straight into the climax of the series.

Let's get into the details.



We head over to America with this arc, which also means that we get to see the culmination of a plot point that has been brewing since the beginning. The change of scenery was a bit nice, and we just finally got some closure to an annoyance that has bothered both character and reader alike.

There was a bit of a plot hole in this one which was due to Jinwoo's lack of oversight, which didn't make much sense. Sure, it advanced the plot, but I do think that there could have been any way to do that instead of what actually happened.


I have only one thing to say about the world-building in this arc, and it is that I don't quite get why healing potions can't be used when your health is below 10% since that is exactly when you would use one.


Since Jinwoo heads over to America to attend the International Guild Conference, we naturally encounter characters both new and old. We (sadly) see the reappearance of Dongsoo, as well as his guild master Thomas Andre. Other characters from America we have already been introduced to make an appearance as well, along with Zhigang whose face we finally get to see.

As for Jinwoo, questionable Jinwoo appears yet again since he just goes at someone before they could explain the situation. Again, this shows how much Jinwoo's role in all of this is affecting him.

We do get an interesting piece of information regarding four humans in the world, that I do hope is touched more upon. Seeing as how the side characters are really pushed to the side in this though, I highly doubt it.


One plot point closes, while another is ramping up. This did end on a bit of a cliffhanger, which we surprisingly haven't gotten before because of the way arcs stop and continue into the next one.

Onto some spoilery thoughts now, so if you don't want to be spoiled, you can stop reading now.











You are the definition of excess, random American hunter.

  • Like the staircase in your house is bigger than some houses...

Honestly, I'm kind of surprised that Thomas was trying to stop Dongsoo from going after Jinwoo.

  • Really though, if he was really trying to stop Dongsoo, he should have tried harder cause we all knew he wasn't going to listen to him

Alright there, the representative for Germany is kind of cute.

Yesssss, Jinho and Jinchul accompanied Jinwoo.

The dragon, the same one who leveled America, was wagging his tail and everyone there was like...?!?

Dongsoo mad a very bay gamble.

  • Go after Jinho, Jinwoo comes, and if Jinwoo attacks me then the guild master would have no choice but to intervene and go after Jinwoo

  • He thought he found a loophole but found a swift death instead

So Jinwoo casually kills Dongsoo, beats the living crap out of Thomas, and then just goes back to the conference the next day.

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