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Solo Leveling: Recruitment Arc | Review

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"During Min Byung-gyu's funeral, Jinwoo meets Norma Selner, an upgrader who works for the American government."


The Recruitment Arc is the 14th arc in Solo Leveling, a webtoon adapted from the web novel by Chugong, with art by DUBU (REDICE STUDIO) and story by h-goon. This arc consists of chapters 108-110 of the webtoon.

While this is a short arc, it serves to act as a bit of a reprieve from the absolute madness that was Jeju-do. Not only does end the season off on a good note, but to set up what is to come in Season 2 as well.

Because this is so short, I don't actually have much to talk about. We get some content as the characters deal with the aftereffects of the raid, as well as a montage of everything that happened so far since this is the season finale.

Honestly, though, I am just happy I finally got a clear answer regarding the requirements to get into a gate...

Now, onto some spoilery thoughts. If you don't want to be spoiled, stop reading now.











A real somber moment is going on...but Jinwoo looks damn fine in a suit.

Jinwoo just deadpanning in the middle of a storm is peak content.

What a panel, Jinwoo with glowing eyes, the wind blowing his hair and him stretching the not of his

  • The person in the comments was right, 'sir, that is illegal'

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