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Solo Leveling: Epilogue | Review

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"With the Monarchs having perished and humanity saved from certain extinction, Jinwoo travels back in time to change history and save the people that he lost."


The Epilogue is the 21st and final arc in Solo Leveling, a webtoon adapted from the web novel by Chugong, with art by DUBU (REDICE STUDIO) and story by h-goon. This arc consists of chapters 178-179 of the webtoon.

Being only two chapters, this arc shows the aftereffects of the final battle. Seeing as the synopsis says it all, I don't think there is a need to give a spoiler warning, so I will just go straight into my thoughts on this.

This was kind of bittersweet. After countless arcs, fights, and progression, we end up right back at the beginning. Usually, I hate endings like this because there is room left for an entire other story, but this was a long series so I am still satisfied at least. It still does leave you wanting more though, especially since I have seen that the book continues on a bit further.

It does leave you hoping that the characters who ended up coming together throughout the series would meet again. On the bright side, this does mean that everyone who died is now alive again. On the downside though, that also means that the shadows he acquired are also gone. That means no more cure interactions between Iron and Tank, and no more Igris and Beru.

All in all though, a safe future is the best outcome you could expect.

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