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Series I Want To Start But Haven't Yet

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

On this blog we've talked about the books I've read and the upcoming new releases that I want to read, but we don't really talk about the books that are sitting on my TBR waiting to be read. There are a lot of series out there, and I oftentimes forget how many I already started since I never add the next book to my TBR. No matter how many I started, however, the list never gets any shorter. So many series, so little time.

To make things a bit less complicated for myself, I am going to exclude manga and webcomic series and cover them in a separate post. This prompt was originally from a Top Ten Tuesday post by The Broke and the Bookish, so all credit goes to them.

Here we go!


The Stormlight Archive

Let's get a big one out of the way. The only Brandon Sanderson book I have read was Skyward, which I loved. I find the Cosmere Universe a bit intimidating because there are a lot of books, and some of them clock in at over 1000 pages. This month I did decide to start this journey though starting with Elantris. Wish me luck.

The Farseer Trilogy

I have yet to pick up a Robin Hobb book, and I really need to. I will admit that the Liveship Traders series sounds more intriguing to me because I like books involving ships, but I know I have to read this series first. I am a bit hesitant because I know that Fitz goes through the ringer. I do have access to the illustrated editions though which makes it much more appealing and hopefully makes it an even better experience for me.

The Founders Trilogy

Its got magic, and its got an artifact, and that is good enough for me. Foundryside is on my list of the 21 books I need to read in 2021, so I am hoping that I do actually get to is this year. Fingers crossed.

The Invisible Library

A magical library? Yes, please. I don't think I have seen any of the booktubers I watch talk about this series, and I am curious to find out if it is an underrated gem. Please be one because this sounds like it could be the series for me.

Temperance Brennan

I have watched a pretty good amount of Bones, so naturally I am curious as to whether or not the books are better or at least measure up to the show. This is a pretty big series with book 20 just coming out this year. I did just get it loaned from the library so hopefully I will start reading this this month.

The Bone Season

The Priory of the Orange Tree was one of the first books I read when I started seriously reading again, and I absolutely adored it. I know that a lot of people really enjoy this series as well, but I am just nervous to pick this up. I think I hyped myself up a bit and am worried that I am not going to end up liking it.

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