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Mythothon Round 6 | The Story of Osiris, Set and Isis

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Mythothon is a mythology-based readathon that is created and hosted by Foxes and Fairy Tales. It is a month-long readathon that is taking place in April, and I am very fortunate that I happened to look up the readathon out of curiosity and caught that this was happening.

I participated in Round 3 of this readathon, which was based around Celtic mythology, and I ended up missing the two rounds in between... but I am here now! This time around, the round is going to be based on Egyptian mythology - specifically the story of Osiris, Set and Isis.

For the readathon, you pick a team (Isis, Osiris or Set), and are given five prompts main you have to complete, which differ depending on which team you choose. Since there are only five prompts, I should have no problem getting through all of them. I am also going to keep my TBR extremely light for this, i.e. just reading some manga, since I am participating in other readathons as well as this one.

I have decided to go with team Osiris, just because he is the god of the dead, and they are always some of the best mythological figures.

Onto the prompts!



Prompt: read a book with a dark plotline

Book: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.1

Completed: 28-Apr-2022

King of Egypt

Prompt: read a book with royalty

Book: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.2

Completed: 30-Apr-2022


Prompt: read a book set at sea

Book: Castle Swimmer S1

Completed: 09-Apr-2022


Prompt: reread a book

Book: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.3

Completed: 30-Apr-2022


Prompt: read a sequel

Book: Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.4

Completed: 30-Apr-2022

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