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Most Disliked Books of 2021

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

As we near the end of 2021, I decided to switch gears a bit. Instead of doing my usual weekly Tag Time or bookish discussion, I am going to be reflecting on all the books I read this year, starting with the worst. I didn't have many one star books this year, thankfully, but I did have a good amount of two stars which wasn't very fun.

As you can see with the title, I chose to say my most disliked books rather than the worst since this list is very objective. These are books simply just the books I liked the least, or hated to be honest, and gave the lowest rating to.

Here we go!


First Grave on the Right by Daynda Jones

This is the only one star book on this list, and for good reason.I have made my severe dislike for this book well known on here. I had many issues with this book, and I thought it odd that the overwhelming majority of people enjoyed it while I could not get past certain plot points. I had to scroll down in the reviews to find one that hit the nail on the head. Sufficed to say, this book did a no-no for me.

The Magicians by Lev Grossman

A book about a magic school, what could go wrong? Apparently everything because I did not like this book one bit. I've been meaning to get to this book for a while, and when I finally did, I was taken aback by what I was reading. All I wanted was magical things happening in a magical setting, and what I got instead was was a story following the romantic issues of a completely unlikeable main character with a poorly written plot, characters, and world-building. This just missed all of the marks for me.

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

I picked this book up for a readathon as it was short and matched the required prompts. Short, but oh so long. As I said in my review, this sure was something, and that something was not for me. This was just an odd read for me since I couldn't get past certain aspects of the plot. What this says about society and mental health and disabilities aside, the relationship the main character builds with others threw me for a loop that I couldn't recover from.

Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa

This is the kind of book, or manga in this case, that I randomly stumbled upon having never heard of it before and thought, why not? And I will tell you why not, because this had so many toxic many. I just wanted to read about fashion as I thought it was a unique premise I haven't read before, but I got a whole lot of drama and relationship issues instead.

The Return by Rachel Harrison

This was another book that after you finish it you go, 'well...that was something.' The premise of the book was something I had seen before, which made an already boring experience even more boring. To top it off, this focused on character who weren't the greatest people ever, so anything likeable about this went out the window.

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong.

This book goes to say that you should never re-read your childhood favourites. I loved this book when I was younger, and I thought that I would read it again now to see how it stands up. didn't, at all. Clearly my tolerances have changed because I could not stand the main character and, unfortunately, as the main character she if your main output for the story.

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