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March 2022 | In Review

Month two in the UNO readathon I am participating in, and I have gotten through a pretty good number of books. Some of those books were pretty chunky too, so I am surprised I was able to get through as much as I did. Despite the amount of books I read though, I wouldn't say that this was my greatest reading month ever.

As you will see in my statistics, the vast majority of the books I read were 'meh' or worse, with a rare 1-star in there too. Definitely could have had a better month.

Onto the statistics!


I read 8 books, 6 audiobooks, 2 novellas and 4 graphic novels for a grand total of 20 titles and 5,192 pages read.

I ended up DNFing 1 book this month because I knew right away I was going to be bored reading it. Here is the the book I ended up putting down:

  • The Overnight Guest by Heather Gudenkauf

Here are all the books I read. If you want to check out my reviews, click on the pink links!








Fantasy - 11

Horror - 6

Mystery - 3


Best of the Month - Before They Are Hanged

Worst of the Month - We Need to Do Something


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