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2021: A Year in Review

What a year, for so many reasons. Over the course of the year, my reading has been up and down, both in quality and the amount I read in a given month. I started a year on a high, and a really big one. It was my first time participating in UNO, which is a reading challenge on Goodreads hosted by The Perks of Being A Book Addict. A three-month-long reading challenge, I ended up reading way more than I expected to because I am way more competitive than I would like to admit...

Anyways, as you can see with the chart above, I ended up reading over 20 books a month (and that's just physical books) by the last month which was insane. Once the challenge was over, however, I was a bit gassed out. I found that I wasn't reading as much after the fact unless I was participating in a readathon. Fortunately for me, I didn't stop reading entirely, as I found that when I wasn't focused enough to read a full-length novel, manga and manhwa were where it was at.

Recently, I have been going on this huge (ongoing) exploration of the world of manhwa. I didn't realize just how many manhwas there were out there, and I feel like I unlocked some forbidden chest because now my TBR has a lot. I'm certainly going to have a busy year full of potential.

Now, without any further ado, here are the stats for the entirety of 2021!


According to my Goodreads reading challenge, as you can see above, I read a grand total of 400 books...400, while my original goal was to hit 120. Clearly I hit my goal and went above and beyond. My goal the previous year was to read 70 books and I ended up reaching 154 which was pretty good as well. This year though...I honestly don't know if I can top it.

By December I was at about 187 and thought that hitting 400 would make a nice clean total...if only I was counting right. I didn't realize that I forgot to set a date read for some manga volumes, plus I read some short stories that weren't shown on Goodreads, so my count would end up being over 400... There was also some manhwa that I started that is still ongoing, so I couldn't add it to my total as well.

Still, don't let that number deceive you, as it doesn't mean that I read 400 books, seeing as I read a ton of short stories and graphic novels this year. Here's a breakdown of everything I read this year.


Books Read

93.5 Physical Books

7 Novellas

2 Anthologies

27.5 Audiobooks

49 Graphic Novels

11 Webcomics

141 Manga Volumes

13 Manhwas

62 Short Stories


Total # of Pages Read = 72,000+

# of Books DNFed = 40








No Rating..........3



63 Fantasy

22 Sci-fi

21 Horror/Thriller

10 Mystery

8 Nonfiction

3 Fiction

2 Historical Fiction

2 Middle Grade

1 Romance

1 True Crime

1 Contemporary

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