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You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight | Review

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐

"Charity Curtis has the summer job of her dreams, playing the “final girl” at Camp Mirror Lake. Guests pay to be scared in this full-contact terror game, as Charity and her summer crew recreate scenes from a classic slasher film, Curse of Camp Mirror Lake. The more realistic the fear, the better for business.

But the last weekend of the season, Charity's co-workers begin disappearing. And when one ends up dead, Charity's role as the final girl suddenly becomes all too real. If Charity and her girlfriend Bezi hope to survive the night, they'll need figure out what this killer is after. Is there is more to the story of Mirror Lake and its dangerous past than Charity ever suspected?"


You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight is a standalone YA horror novel by Kalynn Bayron.

I'd never seen nor heard of this book before, but I was in the mood to read horror and this one was available to read at my library so I grabbed it. This ended up being...okay?

This is a slasher book, though not a particularly gruesome one, so I had certain expectations when going into it. Expectations that ended up being turned on its head, but not exactly in a good way. The first half of the book I didn't actually mind, and was hovering around the 3.5-star range, but as I kept going I found myself disliking the book a bit. That is partially due to poor character decisions and also the whodunnit.

I did get a bit frustrated with the characters because, while I get in the moment common sense goes out the window, your literal job is about survival so you would think you would make some better decisions. And then when the whodunnit came into the story, I wasn't overly happy about it but that is mainly because it is just something I personally don't like to read about. The ending of the book threw me off as well, but I can't get into that because of spoilers.

All in all, this was an okay book. It is on the shorter side and you can read it easily in one sitting, so it won't take up much of your time. It also had a decent slasher premise, but it won't be something that will stick with me.

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