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Under the Aegis

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This is a story about the struggle for peace and the search for something precious that has been lost for over a thousand years. Six young people, with the help of the ancient weapons that chose them, must work together to solve a millennial mystery before they too become lost."


Under the Aegis by Vimeddiee is completed fantasy webtoon that can be read for free online on Webtoon.

I loved this so much. I starting reading it at night and had to force myself to stop reading and go to sleep because it was so good. At 85 episodes and over 2000 pages, it may not seem like much for a webcomic but it will take you a few hours to get through. I would also recommend picking a good time to read this just in case you get sucked into the story and can't put it down like I did.

Everyone is just so cute in this. The dynamics between the wielders is just so wholesome. Cuteness aside, everything about this was solid. The creator crafted an interesting world and plot with characters that are not only likeable but serve their purpose extremely well. The only minor issue I had with this was that the big bad was predictable to me only because I watch a lot of anime.

If you want to go on journey full of wholesome characters and relationships to save the world, I highly recommend you pick this up. Even if you haven't really delved into graphic novels or manga or webcomics, if you like fantasy then I would still give this a shot. After all, as I said before, you can read this online for free, so you don't have much to lose (other than missing out on a great story).

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