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Sorcery of Thorns | Re-review


Original Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

New Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐


I've been meaning to reread this book for a while now (two years to be exact). I pushed it off for a while but thought that now was my chance to finally pick it up because the sequel novella was released (though I frankly didn't expect one). I felt really strongly about the book the first time I read it, but I hesitated to give it five stars because I wasn't sure if it deserved that high of a rating despite me thinking this was everything. I don't know if it was how long it took me to finally pick it up, but I ended up not enjoying the story as much the second time around.

Pretty much everything worked for me the first time around. The setting, the plot, and the characters were all well-done and appealing to me. And while it still does, because I am a sucker for magical libraries, I did notice some more faults this time. Or, well, one fault in particular. I didn't like Elisabeth as much which kind of affected my enjoyment of the story overall. I find her the tiniest bit annoying and wasn't all too invested in her romance with Nathaniel. Silas though is still the best character, so thankfully that didn't change.

Still, though, it was an enjoyable read, but my rating ended up going in the opposite direction than what I was expecting it to.

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