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Solo Leveling: Instant Dungeon Arc | Review

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Jinwoo receives a key to an E-Rank instant dungeon and goes hunting solo for the 1st time."


The Instant Dungeon Arc is the 3rd arc in Solo Leveling, a webtoon adapted from the web novel by Chugong, with art by DUBU (REDICE STUDIO) and story by h-goon. This arc consists of chapters 13-17 of the webtoon.

While longer than the last, this is still a relatively short arc that serves as a test run for Jinwoo's new life. Again though, despite not much happening in this, I still had a great time reading it.

Let's get into the details.



Due to the last arc being rather short and ending before any action began, this arc just catapults you right into where it left off rather abruptly. Despite getting more action this time around as Jinwoo enters the instant dungeon, not to much plot-wise happens in this. We mostly just get Jinwoo fighting and leveling up, but there was some more world-building in this.

This arc did end on a rather abrupt note though, with no setup for the next arc which seems to be a recurring theme with this series.


We do get some new information about the system in this arc, specifically beast levels. I am not talking about their usual rank, but the colour of their name tag, which then helps Jinwoo see how strong they are. There are two things I like about this. Firstly, it helps demonstrate how Jinwoo progresses throughout the story as he grows stronger. Secondly, instead of throwing him up against beasts far above his level, it gives him one proportionate to himself, so he can slowly progress.

Another good thing about the magic system in this that I haven't mentioned yet is that you end up getting tons of information in the form of description boxes. We get to see what Jinwoo see's, and I rather like that idea since it is a great way not only to connect the reader to the story, but to depict small details as well.

A small detail I liked about this arc, or dungeon to be specific, was that you could stay there however long you want or can handle. There is something about being away from the world and leveling up that appeals to me. Another small detail I like is that they actually explain why his eyes glow, which was a nice touch.


Having been thrown headfirst into a new reality after he thought he died, this is Jinwoo's first battle after waking. With this, he now starts to change, both physically and mentally. After the horror that was the double dungeon, he has no one to go but up, and that is what drives him in this arc. He has already seen hell, and nothing he faces at this point on, at least for now, will ever reach that same level.

For anyone who is worried, or dislikes characters who are OP right out of the gate, this isn't really the case here. While he is stronger than he was originally, it isn't too quick as he is slowly getting stronger. While he may end up on top at the end, because that is just the nature of a series like this, he still gets beaten up pretty good in the meantime.

With Jinwoo starting to level up as well, we also start to see his appearance change. He is taller, broader, sharper, and a lot more mature-looking compared to the beginning.


We got Jinwoo's first battle after waking in this arc, and thus get to see him start to progress as he levels up. Still a solid entry in the series, but nothing too exciting yet since the first arc.

Now, like in my previous reviews, I do have a spoiler section for my thoughts while reading. If you don't want to be spoiled, you can stop reading here.











And the smart cookie is back, he went and collected items that could be sold in the store

  • That is me though when I play games, gotta be meticulous

Alrighty there, something went down while he was in the dungeon.

Soohee, girl, I thought you were in therapy?

  • Like what is she doing in the middle of a battle when she is clearly still traumatized and therefore is useless in a fight?

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