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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

ScallywagAThon is a choose your own adventure readathon hosted by booktuber HardbackHoarder. This took place August 16-23.

Who doesn't love a good map? I especially love anything pirate themed, so this readathon was perfect for me.

For this readathon you start your journey from your chosen starting point (1-5), and then follow the colour-coded path until you find the treasure. What I liked about this was that you had several options to choose from if you didn't like one of the prompts. I decided to start from #2 and go from there.

Image from the ScallywagAThon website


Here are all the books I read for the readathon. To see my reviews of the books, click on the linked titles.

2) Deep Sea Legend: read a book based around myth

- Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

7) Precious Cargo: read a middle-grade

- City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

A) Washed Ashore: read a book published 3+ years ago

- Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

9) Black Sails: read a book with a black cover

- The Bones Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones


For more information on the readathon, check out the announcement video linked below.

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