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For anyone who happened to stumble upon this, hello and welcome to my blog! Ashley's Cabinet of Curiosities is a book review and suggestion blog. The idea to create one started to float around when my reading started to really pick up when the pandemic hit.

As someone who went to school for history, I did not want to spend my time reading more when I already read enough for class. When we went into lockdown, suddenly I had all this time on my hands and decided to put it forth to reading all the books I've missed over the last 5-10 years of my life. Since march of 2020, I've had the best reading time in my entire life and have made my way through tons of books.

My only was that no one I knew was an avid reader, so I had no way to express my opinions on the books I read, and thus, this blog was created as a means to review and suggests books!

I hope whoever stumbles upon my blog finds something new to read or finds my reviews or suggestions insightful.

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