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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

"Memory makes reality.

That's what NYC cop Barry Sutton is learning, as he investigates the devastating phenomenon the media has dubbed False Memory Syndrome—a mysterious affliction that drives its victims mad with memories of a life they never lived.

That's what neuroscientist Helena Smith believes. It's why she's dedicated her life to creating a technology that will let us preserve our most precious memories. If she succeeds, anyone will be able to re-experience a first kiss, the birth of a child, the final moment with a dying parent.

As Barry searches for the truth, he comes face to face with an opponent more terrifying than any disease—a force that attacks not just our minds, but the very fabric of the past. And as its effects begin to unmake the world as we know it, only he and Helena, working together, will stand a chance at defeating it.

But how can they make a stand when reality itself is shifting and crumbling all around them?"


Recursion by Blake Crouch is a thrilling standalone science fiction novel that is absolutely riveting and mind bending.

My eyes were glued to the pages because of how entranced I was. Even after finishing the book, I sat there just thinking about what I just read.

There are so many subjects that are tackled in this. Human mortality and how far you would go to do something and whether or not you think you are doing it for the right reasons. Pushing the limitations of technology and the consequences of it. Everything worked so well together and at no point did I feel like it did not feel like it was too 'sciency'.

I both liked and disliked the ending as it leaves you hanging and allows for you as the reader to make up your own mind about what you think happened.

I think that this is going to make a great adaptation if done the right way and I will 100% re-read this again even though it may not have the same impact the second time. This is one those kinds of books where your initial reading experience is crucial.

I kept talking about this book when I finished and was trying to get my family to read it. So if you like sci-fi in the vein of movies like Inception, or if you read Dark Matter and liked that, I highly highly suggest you pick this up.

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