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Most Surprising Books of 2022

Day 3 of my year in review, and today I am going to be talking about the most surprising books I read in 2022. Surprising meaning that I went into them with low or no expectations, but ended up enjoying myself far more than expected. This is a bit of a rare phenomenon since, usually, I don't end up giving books a high rating and am often more disappointed than pleasantly surprised. There are some though, which is exactly what this list is for.

Without further ado, here are the books that pleasantly surprised me this year.


Having read The Book of Cold Cases and not enjoying it, I was worried when I randomly decided to listen to the audiobook for this. I was worried that the story would be formatted like her most recent book, and that is one of the most significant issues I had with it. Luckily for me, it didn't, and I ended up rather enjoying the story.


A hyped-up book that ended up being worth the hype. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it despite the hype surrounding it, because while I love the idea of any book about an inn or bakery or shop, I was afraid I would be disappointed. And while not much happens in this, that is the point of the book and why you end up enjoying it. It is nice to have a fantasy novel that is just a cozy read.


Not often do I read MG novels because, well, I am not part of that demographic and don't exactly see eye to eye with the characters. This one though surprised me, because this was actually a pretty interesting standalone story. That could be because the premise was a bit odd for a MG considering the relevance of bones to the world.


I read this book as part of a group read for a reading challenge I was participating in, and pretty much everyone felt the same about this book. I am very much so conflicted about my enjoyment of this, but I can't deny that reading this was something else. That is why I decided to put this on this list because the book literally surprised me because of the twists.


This book still has fewer reviews than I think it deserves because this is a surprisingly enjoyable read. I say surprisingly because I went into this not knowing much about it, nor do I remember how I found this. This is perfect for anyone who loves a good 'small town, strange occurrences' story.

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