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Love So Pure | Season 3 Review

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐1/2

"It's easy to get laid when you're a pretty, sassy bartender working at a popular gay bar. This lifestyle suits Jihyun just fine since he loves casual hookups without any intimacy… That is until he meets Yohan—his big, scary-looking classmate who's actually a pure-hearted softie. Can Yohan's simple love help commitment-phobic Jihyun heal from the traumas of his past?"


Love So Pure is a BL manhwa written and illustrated by PlanB.

And so we have finally come to the end of this series. This series sent me on a bit of a wild ride because my feelings toward it went up and down. In Season 1, we follow Jihyun and Yohan whose romance I wasn't too invested in (but didn't hate). In Season 2, we followed Daeshik and Yosef who were the real stars of the series. I absolutely adored their relationship and thought it was way better than Jihyun and Yohan's.

With both of those relationships established though, Season 3 acts as a form of aftermath or epilogue that occurs after the events of the end of Season 2. Originally, I was happy there was another season because of the way Season 2 ended by leaving the reader a bit in the dust and unsatisfied with the way things wrapped up. I was expecting this season to wrap up everything nicely, but instead, I didn't really see the point in it.

Not too much actually happened, and the season ended up feeling more like a bunch of short stories shoved together to make some semblance of an epilogue. After being excited for a new season, this ended up being pretty disappointing for me. It wasn't bad though, since I still liked reading about the characters, but it didn't do as much for me as I expected it to.

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