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Jujutsu Kaisen: Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc | Review

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"With newfound ability, Yuji makes his return to his peers before the start of the Kyoto Goodwill Event. However, the second and third-years of Kyoto Jujutsu High are ordered to kill him during the chaos of the team battle."


The Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc is the fifth arc in the Jujutsu Kaisen series by Gege Akutami. This arc covers chapters 32-54 of the manga, and episodes 14-21 of the anime.

Now we are starting to dive into the longer arcs, with this one essentially being a fight lasting over 20 chapters. It was a very solid fight though, and for not one second are you bored throughout this arc.

Now, like in my previous reviews, I am going to discuss my thoughts without spoilers, but after that, there is a spoiler section full of my thoughts and reactions. So, if you don't want to be spoiled, stop reading when you are prompted.

Let's get into the details.


While, as I said in the intro, this arc is essentially just one long fight, a lot of ground was covered in this. We were introduced to new characters as the current characters grow, and we also get to learn more about the Jujutsu world.

In terms of characters, we are naturally introduced to more of the Kyoto students, those being Mechamaru, Nishimiya, and Kamo. We are also introduced to Utahime, a teacher at the Kyoto school, and Mei Mei who is there to oversee the fight.

With the new character introductions, I am pretty lukewarm towards Nishimiya, but both Mechamaru and Kamo both have an interesting backstory going for them, and I am curious to see more of them going forwards. I think the most impactful panel in this arc is when you get to see what Mechamaru really looks like.

As for the plot, we get to learn more about the elite Jujutsu families, specifically the Zenin and Kamo families, and how they treat those they think are unworthy. I also really enjoyed the fight scenes towards the end as there were conceptualized very well. I will admit though that when it comes to the fight scenes, I always prefer the anime since I like to actually see the movement and choreography.

This also, like the last arc, ends on a softer note which is a shift in tone that works well after a long fight. It did end a bit abruptly though and with no hints as to what the next arc is going to focus on.

I will say though, there are things that are mentioned in this arc that don't make much sense unless you have already read Vol.0 as it gives you the needed context.









They fully censored Mahito's crotch 😂

  • In the anime, they just didn't show him from the waist down, but in the manga they just but a little censor over him

Gojo over here like haha, psych, when the Kyoto principal sees that Itadori is in fact, still alive.

I will be honest, I feel like the adult figures should be a little bit more concerned that every student threw the point of the event out the window.

  • Like they fully said to focus on eliminating the curses instead of inhibiting the other team, and no killing or incapacitating too, but Kyoto over here fulling trying to kill Itadori again

I still find it funny how when Itadori said he likes women with big butts, Todo immediately was like ah, yes, you are now my brother and we have known each our whole lives.

I also did not realize the first time around that Todo fully used his technique before it was revealed.

Todo mid-battle helping out his brother when he was supposed to be killing him instead.

So Panda has three cores, and three different forms.

  • The first of course is his normal panda form

  • Then we have Gorilla Panda, a more robust form that we already saw in Vol.0

  • But the final one, the sister, we have yet to see and I am curious

Mechamaru gave Panda the bird and they omitted it from the anime 😂

I still cry a bit on the inside when I see Inumaki's bowl-cut hair, which looks bad no matter how much I love his character.

You've got the old man over here whipping out a guitar out of nowhere, which would be a lot cooler if I didn't hate the guy.

I really like the idea of Fushiguro being able to store things in his shadow realm, as there is just something about having unlimited space at the tip of your fingers that sounds so appealing.

You gotta love how mid-battle Todo stops to slap some sense into Itadori, while Hanami is standing there like 'what is going on??'

We get a minor appearance, as in literally one panel, of the woman who gave Todo his habit of asking people who their ideal type is.

  • I really hope she shows up sometime in the future, but I have a feeling she's probably dead...

Wait a second, Todo's technique is actually called boogie woogie 😂

Gojo's face though...

  • That's the thing with certain characters, like if they are usually happy-go-lucky, you know you really messed up when they get serious

I don't quite understand Gojo's abilities, or at least his colour ones, and how they relate to infinity.

Absolutely no one had an issue with Maki just lobbing a baseball at Todo's face; no one likes the poor guy lol.

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