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In Another Light

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐1/2

"Three years ago mortuary cosmetologist Phoebe Glassman lost her husband in a tragic accident. No longer the hopeful wife and mother she once was, Phoebe is disappearing into her grief and into the quietude of her job—restoring to the dead the illusion of life. Then the body of a woman named Pauline Steele arrives in the mortuary, and for Phoebe, everything changes.

Pauline is unmistakably Phoebe’s mirror image and bears an alarmingly familiar tattoo. Even more startling is that among Pauline’s effects is a faded photograph of Phoebe. Aided by an eccentric colleague, her curiosity sparked, Phoebe investigates her doppelgänger’s life and death—and uncovers surprising clues to a shared past.

Phoebe’s emotional journey soon leads to shocking revelations about those closest to her…and even herself. When she’s driven to the brink, how much of what she discovers can she trust?"


In Another Light is a standalone mystery novel by A.J. Banner.

First and foremost, I would like to thank NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for making this book available for review. Please note that this in no way affects my opinions. Also note that what I read was an ARC, so things might be subject to change for the final copy.

I was a bit worried that the book would go in a direction that I didn't particularly like, but I did end up thinking that this was an okay book.

The plot is simple but I think the author does a good job at crafting a story about someone who is suddenly faced with an alarming revelation. I can't really say more that as it is better to just read the book yourself and immerse yourself in the story. The only minor issue I really had with the narrative was that it did take a bit to connect all the storylines together. I will say though that while Phoebe was a bit frustrating at times as she makes rather questionable decisions, I also think that because of that, she was an interesting character to follow.

One minor detail that I have a personal gripe with is the fact that it spoiled (I think) the plot for Flowers for Algernon which I didn't really appreciate. I have yet to read it and wanted to go into it without knowing anything but...that's not happening anymore. If you haven't read the book yet either, then watch out if you don't want to be spoiled.

If you are looking for a mystery thriller book that is a bit lighter on both aspects then I would say give this a try. Or, if you enjoyed something like Orphan Black and are looking for something with fewer sci-fi vibes, maybe this will work for you as well.

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