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February 2023 | In Review

February is the start of a group reading challenge I like to participate in, so my reading did end up picking up a bit this month. In all honesty, it wasn't that bad of a month, though it did go by slowly. I ended up having some good reads, though some were rereads, but I did have a couple of underwhelming and forgettable ones.

Without further ado, onto the statistics!


I read 7 books and 4 seasons of manhwa for a grand total of 11 titles and 2,379+ pages. I am also currently still reading Season 3 of The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion.

If you want to check out my reviews, click on the pink links! Reviews for titles not linked can be found on my Goodreads page. Now, here are all the titles I read this month:


I had only 1 DNF this month, that being Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz. The book is rated really well, and I have had it on my TBR for a long time. When I got into it though I couldn't, well, get into it. The way the story was told was really offputting to me and, after reading some reviews, I don't think I would have been satisfied with the direction it went in.








I will gladly accept that the majority of the titles this month are four stars, which doesn't happen often. Granted, most of those ratings came from manhwa which does help.



Romance - 4

Fantasy - 3

Sci-fi - 1

Fiction - 1

Horror - 1

Mystery - 1

So much romance, so much. I don't tend to gravitate towards romance-centric titles, but a good amount of manhwas are romance so here we are. Otherwise, we had an even spread throughout a lot of genres as I was all over the board this month.


Best of the Month - The Eye of the World and Painter of the Night

Worst of the Month - Where Darkness Blooms

Most Disappointing - Our Wives Under the Sea


Standing on top of the leaderboard we have both The Eye of the World and Painter of the Night which are two completely different stories. The former was a reread on my part, but it is simply just a fantastic story from one of the best authors of the genre. The latter is a bit of a doozy because of the content, but somehow and someway I really enjoyed it despite being overly aware the amount of toxicity in it.

For the worst of the month, we have a book that I honestly can't say I remember anything about without looking up the synopsis. That goes to show how much impact this book had on me.

Finally, the most disappointing goes to a book that I expected more from despite it being from a genre I don't read much from. I had never heard of it before but it was on a lot of booktuber's best of 2022 lists, so I thought I would give it a shot. It ended up being underwhelming mostly because it didn't end up being what I expected it to be.

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