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December 2022 | TBR

Alright, so, I originally had my TBR for this month planned way in advance. That is because I wanted to binge my way through all the books left on my list of '22 books to read in 2022.' Unfortunately for me, as was made evident this month, I don't have the time anymore to read as much as I have been. That is because I started a new job, and it leaves me with very few hours of the day to read.

As such, there are still a ton of books I need to get to but I probably won't if I am being honest. At the least, I have two that I definitely need to read as well as maybe a couple more.

So, without further ado, here are the books I am hoping to read in December to round out the year.





I was supposed to read this book months ago, but there were a few snaggles along the way. The first one was that I tried to read the ebook but had to put it down because it just wasn't working. This is the kind of book that you have to read physically, and luckily my library did have it. The downside to that was that I had to put it on hold, and whoever had it in front of me took a month to return it. I finally have it though and will be starting it soon.




I have an arc of this book, and since the book comes out in January, I do have to get around to reading it this month. This book intrigued me because it is about an expedition gone seriously wrong, and I feel like that kind of scenario might really work for me.




I got this book on loan, knew I wasn't going to get to it in time, and sent it back. I then put it back on hold hopefully in time to get to it this month. This is a book that I know I need to read, but am nervous to because of what I know about it. This is the illustrated version as well, so maybe that will make for a better experience.




Here are all the other books I needed to get to, and though I probably won't be able to, I am going to list them here in case I do.

  • Birthday Girl

  • The Bright and Breaking Sea

  • In Deeper Waters

  • The Bone Ships

  • The Bone Season

  • Trial of Sorcerers

  • The Three Muskateers

  • The Shadow of the Wind

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