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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Rating - ⭐⭐

"On a cold Sunday evening in early 1957, Sarah Dewhurst waited with her father in the parking lot of the Chevron Gas Station for the dragon he’d hired to help on the farm.

This dragon, Kazimir, has more to him than meets the eye. Sarah can’t help but be curious about him, an animal who supposedly doesn’t have a soul but is seemingly intent on keeping her safe from the brutal attentions of Deputy Sheriff Emmett Kelby.

Kazimir knows something she doesn’t. He has arrived at the farm because of a prophecy. A prophecy that involves a deadly assassin, a cult of dragon worshippers, two FBI agents – and somehow, Sarah Dewhurst herself."


Burn is a standalone YA fantasy novel by Patrick Ness.

The fact that I almost DNFed this but pushed through and regretted it says a lot about how I feel about this book.

This did nothing for me. The plot, characters (besides Kazimir and Malcolm), and format were all bad and nothing about this was gripping. I didn’t like the weird shifts in perspective mid-chapter and didn’t care about reading most points of view in the first place.

In theory, it would be interesting to have the villain's point of view, but that would only work if the villain was actually interesting enough to read about (which they weren't). The villain in this felt pointless and because they seemed like they were pretending to be bad rather than actually being bad.

I also thought that the time period didn't add anything to the story. This could have easily been set in a different time period since it didn’t really feel like it was the 50s.

I should have DNFed this when I had the chance.

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