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September 2022 | In Review

September unintentionally ended up becoming the month of dark academia. I participated in Becca's Bookoplathon, so I had a mostly set TBR, but I still managed to pick several books that fall under that genre. I guess that worked out though because in a lot of people's minds September = dark academia. I am even starting out October with one as well, mainly because I got it on loan from my library unexpectedly early.

That aside, this was a pretty average month for me in terms of the quality of content I read. I did get a major goal of starting the Cosmere done, and I read a bunch of manga for an ongoing secret challenge I am doing. So, at least something good came out of this month of reading.

Onto the statistics!


I read 8 books and 15 volumes of manga for a grand total of 23 titles and roughly 6,147 pages read.

If you want to check out my reviews, click on the pink links! Reviews for titles not linked can be found on my Goodreads page. Now, here are all the titles I read this month:


For once, I don't have any DNF's (it's a miracle). I guess because I had a set TBR I just ended up finishing everything I read. My DNF's are at a nice even 100 though, which is extremely satisfying.








It is no surprise to see no five star's on here, but it is sad that there is a one star. Bunny was just not the right book for all.



Fantasy - 7

Mystery - 3

Nonfiction - 1

Classic - 1

Horror - 1

I did end up condensing down all the manga volumes, but I did end up having a good spread of genres. Of course, fantasy takes the top spot, especially since most of the manga I read were fantasy. I did end up getting a classic in though, which is extremely rare for me. Did I enjoy it, not exactly, but I still tried to.


Best of the Month - Vita Nostra

Worst of the Month - Bunny

Most Surprising - Vita Nostra

Most Disappointing - Howl's Moving Castle


As you can see above, I added two new entries to my best and worst of the month; most surprising and most disappointing. This month, taking the spot for both best and most surprising book, we have Vita Nostra. This book did in fact surprise me, as I ended up liking it way more than I was expecting especially considering that I had no idea what it was about, and still don't even after finishing it.

Taking the spot for worst book we have Bunny. I knew I was either going to love or hate this and, well, it was just not a great read for me. The way the story was written was too messy, and the story itself had a lot of underlying implications that ruined the entire reading experience.

Finally, the most disappointing book I read this month was Howl's Moving Castle. I adore the Studio Ghibli movie, so when I finally picked this up I was hoping for it to be on par or even better. Unfortunately, it wasn't, and I was left with a story that diverged from the movie (even though this is the original source material and that makes sense) and with a main character who was a bit insufferable to read about.

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