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April 2022 | New Releases

It is time for my monthly list of upcoming releases for the month of April. This ended up being a very short list as there are only a handful of books coming out that caught my eye. Two of those I have an ARC of as well, so I can read it already before it even comes out.

As usual, if you are looking for some more recommendations, specifically by independent fantasy authors, I suggest you check out Rob J. Hayes monthly lists as well.

Onto the books!


Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor

Follows seventeen-year-old Jani as she uncovers the deeply disturbing secrets of the legendary Hotel Magnifique.

Release Date: Apr.5

My Rating:

Chef's Kiss by Jarrett Melendez, Danica Brine, Hank Jones, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Ben's plans for a future take a turn when he gets a job at a restaurant and falls for a dreamy chef.

Release Date: Apr.12

My Rating:

Spear by Nicola Griffith

The girl knows she has a destiny before she even knows her name.

Release Date: Apr.19

My Rating:

Sofi and the Bone Song by Adrienne Tooley

A young musician sets out to expose her rival for illegal use of magic only to discover the deception goes deeper than she could have imagined.

Release Date: Apr.19

My Rating:

The Drowning Summer by Christine Lynn Herman

Two girls must navigate their growing attraction to each other while solving the mystery of who was really behind the drowning summer.

Release Date: Apr.19

My Rating:

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