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April 2022 | In Review

April was a pretty busy month for me in terms of reading. It was the final month in the UNO challenge I was participating in, and I also did the Magical Readathon, Mythothon, and Spring Fling-O-Ween as well. Four readathons meant that I did a ton of reading, and frankly a lot more than I realized too considering I ended up getting distracted playing Hades and watching anime...

As you will see from my breakdown, my reading was rather diverse this month as I read a fair share of titles both of a textual and graphic medium. Sadly though, I only ended up getting one audiobook in this month, only because it literally took me the entire month to read it. I also read a good amount of ARCs and new releases this month as well which I consider a success.

Onto the statistics!


I read 15 books, 1 audiobook, 4 novellas, 11 volumes of manga, 4 webcomics, 2 short stories, 4 graphic novels, and 1 anthology for a grand total of 42 titles and roughly 9,326 pages read.


I DNF'D 1 manhwa and 1 book this month because for one the plot and characters were rather clunky, and the other just wasn't interesting. Here are the titles I ended up putting down:

  • The Tale by Yang-chul DJ

  • Devil House by John Darnielle


Also not included in my total are a couple of webcomics I started reading that I am either still making my way through them as they are ongoing, those being:

  • DEAR.DOOR by Pluto

  • Love So Pure S2 by Plan B


Here are all the books I read. If you want to check out my reviews, click on the pink links!








In terms of quality, I was all over the board. I had some five-star reads, which is really rare for me, but I also had some one-stars. Otherwise, most I ended up enjoying fairly well, or they were just mediocre.



Fantasy - 18

Romance - 9

Horror - 8

Classic - 4

Mystery Thriller - 3

As usual, fantasy tops the list of most genre read, which is no surprise. I was also clearly in the mood for horror this month, and romance too, as I read a fair amount of them. In a plot twist though, I ended up reading 4 classics...and classics I never gravitate to.


Best of the Month - Castle Swimmer

Worst of the Month - Spear and Nothing But Blackened Teeth


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