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2023 Reading Goals and Challenges

Over the course of the few years I have been seriously reading, I have challenged myself to try and achieve certain goals. Some successful, some less so. I am honestly a bit bad at completing a lot of the goals I set out to do, usually because I wait until the end of the year to complete them and then run out of time for one reason or another. Will this year be any different, who knows?

I have a couple of small goals and challenges I wish to fulfill by the end of the year, but more may come to mind as the year goes on. Without further ado though, let's get into it.





This is the one thing I have been pretty successful at because I always end up exceeding the number of books I put down for this. In 2020 I read 154 out of 70, 399 out of 120 in 2021, and 260 out of 180 in 2022. That's a lot of books when you think about it, but I did read more than your average reader. This year, I did lower the amount a bit as you can see. I am significantly busier than I used to be now, and barely have the time to read, so I am not confident that I can get through a lot of titles this year. I will try my best though.




Now, I know I just said that I lowered my reading goal significantly this year because I probably won't be able to read much, but I have a secondary goal that I want to fulfill as well. Currently, my books read on Goodreads is sitting at 867 titles. I want to see that numbered rounded to a nice 1000. Even though that would mean I have to read 133 more titles, I really think it would be a huge milestone for me if I can reach that many books read. I will think optimistically that I can succeed in doing this, should I end up reading more manga this year. That also brings me straight into my next goal.




I had the same goal last year and I am bringing it back this year; I want to read more titles of the graphic medium. Manga/manhwa and such really work for me, more often than not better than most novels do. There is something about being able to visually see the characters and the world that makes the reading experience more impactful and enjoyable. I don't want to completely push novels to the side, but there are countless manga/manhwa/webtoon series on my TBR that I really want to get to. I am being serious though, you should see how long my spreadsheet is.




I do this challenge every year where I have a certain number of books, that corresponds with the year, that I want to get to during the year. Think of the as my top priority books. I haven't been the most successful at completing this list because, as I said, I push it off and then never get to it. That is what this reading challenge is for though, to go through and read all the books on last year's list that I didn't get to.




I always keep track of all the yearly upcoming releases that I am interested in, but last year I kind of skipped over a particular challenge I did in the previous year. Like in 2021, I want to read at least one new release per month. It doesn't necessarily have to be within the given month, though that would be better, but I want to read at least 12 new releases. This shouldn't be that difficult to complete seeing as I do end up reading quite a few ARCs, but that is also why I want to read as much as I can so I can get a good sense of the quality of this year's releases.




Should I not get to all the yearly releases on my TBR, well, there is always next year. That is exactly what this reading goal is, to go back and read as many of the previous year's releases as I can. Again, I did manage to know a few off due to ARCs, but there are still countless more left to be read.




I have started a lot of series over the past few years, a lot. I did manage to complete some last year, 16 to be exact, but there are countless more to be started and finished. Granted, there is a lot of series I started that I will not be continuing, and a lot are still ongoing as well, but I want to get to a good amount of sequels at the least this year.




Last year I started doing personal reading challenges on here. I would pick a genre or topic or theme and then read a few books that fall under it as a sort of mini-reading challenge. I found that I quite liked doing that, and plan to do more this year. I already have a few ideas jotted down, so look forward to when those will be released.

Then there are also the readathons and reading challenges created by other creators that I want to participate in. I love a good readathon because it pushes me to read more. I usually participate in The Magical Readathon by Book Roast, and the spooky readathons by gabbyreads and oliviareadsalatte. I also hope to dive into more culturally diverse books by participating in the Asian Readathon by withcindy, or by reading books by indigenous authors in November.

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